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Scottish Journal Scholarly Peer Reviewed Open Access Scientific Journal

Scottish Journal of Arts, Social Sciences and Scientific Studies (SJASS)

ISSN 2047-1278

Scottish Journal of Arts, Social Sciences and Scientific Studies is a "peer-reviewed" and "refereed" International scholarly journal. It is the process through which experts in the field of study assess the quality of articles that are submitted to a journal for publication. It is an open access journal that publishes high-quality research articles, all areas of Social-science, Arts, science and technology.

Scottish group is committed to publish scholarly journals. The published papers come under the auspicious umbrella of peer reviewed journals, peer reviewed scientific journals and open access journals.

This scientific Journal welcomes the online manuscript submission that meet the general criteria of significance and academic excellence. Papers will be published approximately two week after acceptance.

Scottish Journal of Arts, Social Sciences and Scientific Studies

Every manuscript is reviewed usually by two reviewers (Both have been, published in whole or in part in any other journal / Both being from a different country / at least one from different institution from the author) familiar with the relevant field of research. To provide the quality information and knowledge that enable our readers to perform their jobs efficiently, continue their education, and help contribute to the advancement of their chosen markets. Scottish journal provides peer reviewed articles to our readers which are researchers, students, academics and increasingly professionals. We help customers advance science and health by providing world-class information and innovative tools that help them make critical decisions, enhance productivity and improve outcomes. Scottish Journal develops online information solutions that help professionals achieve better outcomes.

Scottish Journal Provides World-Class Information:

Scottish Journal publishes trusted, leading-edge Arts, Scientific, Technical and Medical (ASTM) information – pushing the frontiers and fueling a continuous cycle of exploration, discovery and application.

Global Dissemination:

Scottish Journal disseminates and preserves ASTM literature to meet the information needs of the world’s present and future scientists and clinicians – linking thinkers with ideas.


As a global leader in Arts, science, technical and medical publishing, we channel our knowledge and strengths to help communities around the world improve science and healthcare. Scottish Journal is passionate about publishing trusted, cutting-edge ASTM information – pushing frontiers and fuelling continuous cycles of innovation, exploration, discovery and progress.